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Inter-Cultural Environmental Education

Employing biocultural methodology, in which scientific and traditional knowledge are linked, during the second half of 2008 we began a training program for 28 indigenous young people who had received scholarships from the National Council for Educational Promotion (CONAFE). CONAFE provides basic education services to girls and boys in areas where the National Education System has no educational infrastructure. The conditions in which these young people study permit them to have constant interactions with their parents, thus becoming important actors in their communities.

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This project received financing from the US Fish and Wildlife Service Without Borders of the United States. The Environmental Education program includes the participation of many state and federal government institutions as well as the environmental and educational sectors. All of the students who are participating are native speakers of the Ódami and Rarámuri indigenous languages.

The project includes a Methodological Guide to direct the instruction provided, describing the principle elements involved in the conservation of natural resources and environmental improvement in accordance with cultural practices.

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