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Strengthening Grassroots Indigenous Organizations

comunidades art 002Awé Tibuka Rarámuri

In 2008, the Alianza Sierra Madre concluded a process of administrating and accompanying a project of the Awé Tibuka Rarámuri, a grassroots indigenous organization that brings together 105 indigenous authorities from the municipality of Bocoyna. The goal was to legally establish the organization and build the capacity of its members in terms of the minimum requirements of administrative and financial management. As the process of legally constituting the organization was coming to a close, the Alianza Sierra Madre had a supporting role in the implementation of a project that revitalized an ancient ceremonial center for which the indigenous organization had already solicited funding.

Indigenous Tarahumara and Tepehuana Women A.C. (MITYTAC)

We helped MITYTAC, an organization of indigenous women that works in Baborigame, in the municipality of Guadalupe y Calvo, to obtain funding to start a project making their own fruit preserves and planting vegetable and fruit gardens in the region.

Audio-taping booth. The Alianza Sierra Madre has an audio-taping booth which we use to record educational and informational materials on human rights. Additionally, we support other cultural organizations and projects, such as the recording of indigenous music, development of radio programs on topics of community knowledge, etc.

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