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comunidades art 003 1National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP)

As a result of CONANP's participation in a workshop organized by the Alianza Sierra Madre in February 2007, the more than 10 indigen...

comunidades art 002Awé Tibuka Rarámuri

In 2008, the Alianza Sierra Madre concluded a process of administrating and accompanying a project of the Awé Tibuka Rarámuri, a grassroots indigenous organization that ...

comunidades art 001With a goal of inter-culturalism, in July 2008 we concluded the first phase of the development of participatory community appraisals in Choréachi, Coloradas de la Virgen, and San Carlos Ejido (Pueblo Wa...

comunidades art 004

Our activities to help the process that promote the empowerment of the indigenous government and wellbeing of the people in the Sierra Tarahumara are focused in actions for training and analysis.

We began with the Project Alter...

comunidades art 005In the 'Sustainable Communities' core area, we are currently developing a project which is a follow-on to the cultural and socio-environmental studies carried out in 2008 and validated with the communiti...

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