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MEETING: Indigenous Territories and Natural Resources in the Sierra Tarahumara

From Octuber 8th to the 10th, at the "25 de Marzo" hall of the Government Palace in Chihuahua City, we will make a Meeting in order to discuss and analyze the indigenous conceptions about the territory handling, problems and protection. We will inform the society about the situation that the Original Peoples have to face in order to gain the recognition of their territories and the preferential access to their natural resources. We want to set these issues in the decision-makers' agenda. More than thirty authorities and representatives from the Original Peoples from Chihuahua will assist to the meeting. They are from the rarámuri (tarahumara) towns of Mogótabo, Coloradas de la Virgen, Wetosachi, Bakajípare, Repechike, Choréachi, Wawachérare and Bakéachi; and the ódami (tepehuano) town of Mala Noche.

Also, some specialists with years of research and reflection about these issues will attend to the meeting.

Furthermore, we will have the participation of representatives from the autonomous municipalities of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca and Chicomuselo, Chiapas; they will share their experiences about the care and protection of their territories.

We will have the participation of a representative from the United Nations High Comissioner for Human Rights Office, who will dictate a conference about the subject "Previous, Informed and Free Concealment".

We also account with the presence of federal and state congressmen, and officials from institutions involved in the territorial matter.

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