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Board of directors

Josh Mailman
Board Chairman

Co-founder, Social Venture Network, the Threshold Foundation, and Business for Social Responsibility. Trustee, Sigrid Rausing Trust. Founding board member of Witness and numerous other small nonprofit organizations. Internationally recognized as one of the leading social venture entrepreneurs and philanthropists in America. Josh is a major donor and investor in sustainable and organic enterprises, human rights, and the environment, and has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropists to pool resources for innovative ventures and strategies with an incredible track record of success. New York City.

Mike Conlin
Board Treasurer

Public accountant and real estate agent. Actively involved with wife in working with the "Lost Boys" of Sudan refugee resettlement program, Mike has many years of experience with non-profit activities, including the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. Active pilot, sailor, explorer, and fisherman, and other pursuits that his three grandchildren enjoy doing. Tucson, Arizona.

Andrew Rapkin

CEO, Component Sourcing International, LLC; Former CEO, Farmington Engineering; member Social Venture Network; former board member, Sierra Club. Guilford, Connecticut.

Bruce Rich

Bruce is an international lawyer known for his work with the Environmental Defense Fund, where he was a leading advocate and international NGO coordinator of World Bank and Export-Import Bank reform. Author of Mortgaging the Earth, an internationally acclaimed expose of the environmental and human rights record of the World Bank. Author of How to Uphold the World: The Message of Ashoka and Kautilya, with a preface by Amartya Sen and the Dalai Lama, in which he proposes that the principles of those two thinkers be taken into consideration in the development of a transcendent alternative to the goals of pure economic efficiency and the immorality of policies based on power games. Washington, DC.

Ted Rouse

Real Estate Partner in Struever Bros Eccles and Rouse Inc., an adaptive reuse urban developer headquartered in Baltimore, Md..President of Healthy Planet, an economic development and investment company active with Carbon Credit financing for Reforestation in Honduras, sustainable International Real Estate projects in Costa Rica and Mexico, Land Preservation in Canada, and Urban Permaculture in Brasil. Co Founder of Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance, Baltimore Biodiesel, Baltimore Bioneers. Board Member and former Chair of the American Visionary Art Museum.Board Member of United Nations University of Peace, USA Chapter. Baltimore, Maryland.

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