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Comunitary Wellbeing

We understand well-being as the set of conditions that allow the individuals and families of a human group to have a decent quality of life, in which there are elements that allow the satisfaction of their needs. We have the conviction that this concept is inherent to each culture and each society has different ways of understanding this well-being, in Alianza Sierra Madre A.C. (ASMAC) we have as premise the respect to the forms as the native towns of the sierra tarahumara aspire to this welfare.

Consequently, we have diagnoses elaborated in a participatory way with the Rarámuri or Tarahumaras choréachi (pino fat) and red colored villages of the virgin, located in the municipality of Guadalupe and Bald, south of the Tarahumara that serve as guides for the elaboration of The proposals and their accompaniment.

As part of the productive activities, management was supported to provide clean water to families, with systems for collecting rainwater in ferro-cement collectors and water tanks. In some ranches piles were constructed for systems of collection of water of springs and their distribution by gravity. The access to water in their homes has had a positive impact, since they have allowed to reduce the time and physical effort that the women and children dedicated to provide this liquid.

We also respond to emerging community actions. In this sense, in 2016 we will incorporate to this program actions aimed at contributing to the resolution of the problems of maternal and child health. We will start with the elaboration of a diagnosis about maternal death, understood as that which occurs during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium. This is due to the fact that authorities and community leaders documented the deaths of 5 women during 2013 and 1 more in August 2015.

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